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Lumberjack Cake

Sunday afternoon usually sees us with visitors coming down the drive. Our property is locally classified as being ‘way out there’ which in terms of the rest of Australia really isn’t very far ‘way out there’, but in a more populated Victoria, I guess we are, in effect … well, ‘way out there’. Ahem.

About Alissa Callen's BENEATH OUTBACK SKIES (and a giveaway)

Today on my blog, we're hosting a lovely girl I met in Dubbo, whilst on tour last year for HOPE'S ROAD. She is also a rural author with Random House, Australia, and along with that, a wife, mother to four rug-rats and is somehow keeping it all together in this mad world just like me. We really clicked and so it's with great delight I'd like to introduce you to Alissa Callen.

Willy Fest 2014

I had reason to be in Melbourne over the weekend. It was the Williamstown Literary Festival, endearingly otherwise known as the WillyLit Fest. This meant I got to head ‘to town’ late on Saturday afternoon, after organising two nights of dinners, a day and a half of logistical movements for two children (the third, the oldest, being big enough to sort out himself), and kissing my husband lavishly goodbye outside the shed – well, maybe not so lavishly, very nicely though considering he was holding an angle grinder.