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Hailing from the tiny rural town of Pingaring, three and half hours south-east of Perth, Fiona Palmer was one of the first modern rural authors to hit the shelves. With no less than five best selling fiction novels to her name, two of which have been released this year, she writes her own brand of rural romance.

She has attended romance writers' groups and received an Australian Society of Authors mentorship for her first novel, The Family Farm. She has extensive farming experience, does the local mail run on occasion, and was a speedway-racing driver for seven years. She currently writes fulltime while helping out in her community and looking after her two children.

She joins me now in the Christmas is Coming Series to answer some questions.


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My Latest Release

The Outback Heart is a tender story with a big message. It’s about a small community and how Indi tries to rally the towns spirit by improving the local footy team. She has the help of Troy, a great footy coach who also gets her heart racing. Except he is hiding a big secret.

What was the idea/the revelation/the ‘kicking off point’/the impetus for writing this particular novel?

I read the eulogy of a local young man and it touched me deeply. Instantly a story grew from it. I contacted his parents and they helped me with information so I could weave it through this story. I don’t want to give too much away and spoil the book but it is one filled with a lot of heart, spirit and for me it has such an important message. And I also wanted to write a book about our Aussie Rules Football and show how important sport is in rural communities.

What is your funniest ‘real life’ Christmas story?

I don’t remember anything really funny happening at Christmas but we did have awesome ones growing up. We would have the typical Aussie Christmas bbq by the pool. All my aunties, uncles and cousins together so the pile of presents by the real pine tree would be huge. The smell of the pine, the trays of lollies on the table, lots of laughs, fun and games. It’s how it should be.

Best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Hmm, now that’s stripping my memory cogs trying to remember. No doubt it was something my husband gave me. One year he got me a ride in a Tiger Moth with acrobatics over the city of Perth. Fantastic!!

Worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Haha I can probably guarantee it came from my brother. There was also a bread maker I got one year. I put anything to do with cooking in the chore basket so it wasn’t a ‘fantastic’ gift haha.

Best Christmas present you’ve ever bought for someone else?

A huge Star Wars Lego set.

This Christmas, who would be the best person to buy your novel for?

Going off current readership it would be Mums, Dads, Daughters, Grandparents. Just about anyone over the age of 14!


When readers ask me, 'What other author writes like you do?' I invariably respond with Fiona Palmer. And as I can't read rural fiction while I'm writing, it's always a book by Fiona (or Karly Lane) which is sitting on my bedside table waiting for the minute I press send on my own manuscript. She is not afraid to mix country life, farming, issues facing rural communities and their people,  along with a hefty slug of romance  into the one non-put-downable read.

Fee and I attend writers conferences together and as you can imagine, we have an absolute ball. She is one lovely and beautiful (I so want her gorgeous long, curly hair smiley) country girl with so much talent and I can highly recommend her books to one and all. 

We have a signed copy of The Outback Heart to giveaway (thanks to Fiona) along with a personally inscribed Christmas card, so make a comment below and go in the draw to win. 


Great Q & A. I'm hopelessly impatient and once I've bought a book, simply cannot put is aside and wait to read it - I bought Fiona's latest book and "absorbed" (I think this is my version of not-put-downable) it in less than 24hours! She is one of my (many) favourite Australian rural fiction writers :-) The Outback Heart was the perfect combination for my tastes and loves - rural/romance/AFL football - and to read that a female (Indi) is similarly obsessed with Fantasy Football/DreamTeam was a great touch! I'd highly recommend it to anyone :-) Cheers, J xox

Thanks so much for that fabulous feedback. Isn't it wonderful when you get pulled into another world via a book. You miss it so much when you turn the last page. 

M x

What a great book it will be to read love Fiona's books.

It's on my bedside table, Nicole, for when I'm finally done with my edits for MOUNTAIN ASH. I can't wait to read THE OUTBACK HEART.

M x

Love the little snippets into the lives of authors :) thanks. My book wish list keeps growing! x

Yes, my book wish list is growing everytime I post one of these blogs, Mandy! We're all going to be broke! But a 'nice' broke smiley

M x

This sounds like a story a lot of people in my life would relate to. We all grew up being involved in country netball and football clubs. Sounds like a good read for a range of people, sport and romance, got a winner there.

I think so too, Lauren!

M x

I haven't had the chance to read Fiona's books yet but have to hurry up and start.
After reading this blog I have realised that Fiona and I had something in common, we both do the mail run.

How amazing you both do a mail run! You won't regret reading Fiona's books, Gailene. 

M x

Wet season...good time for reading...

A perfect time for reading, I'd say! We've got lots more authors and books coming so make sure you keep an eye on the blog smiley

M x

Sounds like another awesome author

A terrific author, Wendy. And there's a great backlist to get through too!

Looking forward to reading Fiona's books!

I hope that means you've  found a new author, Jessica? What a wonderful thing it is when that happens!

M x

Thanks for dropping by and cheers Margareta for having me over. :) x

Hi Fiona and Margareta,
I haven't read Outback Heart yet but I've enjoyed most of your other books.
On my recent travels in WA I passed close to where you live, Fiona. We stayed the night at Lake Grace and they had your books displayed at the motel. The wheat crops are simply beautiful over there this year!

Those wheat crops must look amazing, Heather, judging by Fee's photos! I hope you had a lovely holiday.

M x

Those wheat crops must look amazing, Heather, judging by Fee's photos! I hope you had a lovely holiday.

M x

Hi Fiona and Margareta,
I am 14 and have recently read The Outback Heart. I absoloutley loved it because I love football. I borrowed it from the library but would love to have a copy to own myself so I can read it whenever I want. I love the rural romance books and I am currently reading Heart of Gold by Fiona Palmer.
Margareta, I absoloutley loved Bella's Run as the theme of friendship between the two girls was so great and it was my best friend who lives on a farm who told me to read it. I am yet to buy Bella's Run also. I don't buy many books but with christmas coming I have a long list of books I want.
This would be an amazing prize to start my school holidays. :)
Thanks and have a great christmas! Keep writing!

Hi Nicola!

Fantastic to hear from you. Thanks for loving our books so much. We have more rural authors coming over the next few weeks so come back again!

M x

Hi Nicola!

Fantastic to hear from you. Thanks for loving our books so much. We have more rural authors coming over the next few weeks so come back again!

M x

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